XiXi Yang is an award-winning
entertainment journalist, fashion
and lifestyle influencer.
Known for her knack for storytelling,
XiXi is one of the most
influential millennial voices
reaching over 98 million
households nationwide on-air
and 28 million views on YouTube.

Top Stories 

I took a Zoom meeting with a brand and one of the executives popped up on video wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a tie! After few colleagues teased him with, “Of course he’d show up

I'm feeling blue. Electric blue, that is! For the longest time, I've always resorted to my everyday soft-smokey look. Lately, I've been feeling a bit inspired to challenge myself to play with a few vibrant

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Throughout the past 4 weeks of my self-isolation journey, I have went through every single mood imaginable. To be honest, I really did not think staying at home would be this big of an emotional

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