Building Our Ultimate Dream Home In LA

Yes, it’s true. We’re building our ultimate dream home in LA. And I know what you’re thinking, “But wait — didn’t you just move into your new build house like last fall? Does this mean you’re moving again?”

Let me explain. Our story begins in the summer of 2020, when my husband Will and I were driving around Los Angeles, looking for a home. The market was super competitive back then, and real estate prices were increasing by the day. We were driving around, trying to make offers, but the only homes we saw… they were either falling apart at the seams or grossly overpriced. We really wanted a home that had a more open layout, modern appliances and smart home solutions, and of course, a fantastic view of the city of Los Angeles!

We found a really nice pocket of a suburban community, where homes were nestled in greenery and the landscape exuded a serene charm, unlike any other parts of the city. I remember as we were driving up the mountains, I felt a sense of calmness and wonder. The air was crisper, a hint of distant palm breezes filling our lungs. We saw pockets of communities nearby, and we noticed a section of much higher elevation that had yet to be developed. 

We got out of our car, walked all the way up on a dusty trail, surrounded by wildflowers. We got to the top of the peak, and I walked to the edge of the hill, where I saw the most gorgeous panoramic, unobstructed view of the canyons and the skyline of the city. This was around 7:45pm, when the sun setting over the mountains, golden hues cast over the city. I felt a surge of connection, and a sense of peace. I’ve never seen the city from such elevation, and instantly, I was in love. 

We walked down, drove to a nearby sales center and asked about land. We told them we were interested and asked them to take down our information. “We’re give you a call if we’re still here in 3-4 years,” one of them said. “That community is not even open yet!” They must’ve looked at me like I’m crazy. Truth be told, I sure was crazy. We were nowhere near where we needed to be financially to buy anything close to that, but I still asked them to put our names in on a list… if they even had one back then. 

We went back to our lives, but I never stopped thinking about that lot. I can still remember the feeling I felt standing on top of the hill, overlooking the sprawling cityscape of Los Angeles. Fast-forward to a year later, in the summer of 2021, we got a call that there is another lot available on a much lower elevation. We checked it out, and saw how gorgeous the lot was, and we figured we would take advantage of the market and jump on it. We figured if we’re in a position to jump in a couple of years, we’ll make it happen. If not, at least we have a home… a beautiful home.

We began building our first house, but we still came to visit our dream lot once a week for the next 24 months. It wasn’t just about the view, it was a culmination of everything I had felt in my life. Being a child of immigrant parents, I grew up learning the value of hard work, the importance of laying down roots, and the indomitable spirit of creating my dream life. If my parents were able to come to a country where they spoke little of the language and create a better life for our family, there was nothing I couldn’t do in this world to climb a higher elevation or create a stronger foundation for a better life. Through sheer determination, grit, and resilience, they built a life for us from scratch. And now, here I was, standing on this hill, dreaming of building a home from scratch, just like my parents did for their family.

A few months ago, we got the call we’ve been waiting for for years. The house was up for sale. Without hesitation, we made our offer, holding our breaths for what felt like an eternity. That night, we told ourselves – “no matter what happens, we’re proud to just do something we said we’d do.” And guess what?!?

Our offer was accepted the next morning!!!

We truly couldn’t be more thrilled to start the journey of building our ultimate dream home on the very land that had ignited our passion and set us on this transformative journey. It’s a full circle moment, a testament to how life has a way of leading us back to where our hearts truly belong.

Now come on the journey with us as we build our ultimate dream house, coming 2024!


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