Building Our First House In LA

Yes, California has been so good to us that we decided to put a ring on it.

After two years of aggressively house-hunting and scouting for lots, we finally took a leap of faith and signed off on a new build house! Here we are, standing on a gorgeous view lot overlooking the beautiful mountains of Los Angeles. This is the spot where we will make so many beautiful memories and, if God chooses to bless us, have a family one day.

How in the world did we get to this point? Well, the story begins with two of the pickiest buyers this competitive market has ever seen. Between Will’s fantasy of a multi-car garage, a “decent size” yard, my cravings for modern aesthetics and a house with a view, we quickly realized we shouldn’t pay over market price for an existing house (which was only worth a fraction of the price today a few years ago) just to dump more money into renovations.

We were meant to build a smart home that catered to our aesthetics and lifestyle.

I’m excited to take you on the journey with me, every step of the way!

I’ve always believed that good things in life are worth the wait, and buying a house is certainly a commitment big enough where you can’t rush into making a decision. Although some buyers may be turned off by the notion of waiting 8-10 months for a house to build, we knew this was the right move for us since it will allow us time to “Marie Kondo” our current inventory, save money and, most importantly, enjoy the process of building our first home together.

If you’re considering purchasing a new build house, get ready to ask many questions and make lots of decisions. You’ll have to choose the lot, base model, exterior, structural upgrades, electrical and design upgrades. How many electrical outlets do you want in each room? How about junction boxes? Hose bibs? Where would you like them to be located? An upgraded floating tub for the primary bathroom?

"A home that fuels passion, fosters creativity, and inspires imagination." @xixiyang

If you welcome the challenge with open arms and want to play a key role in making decisions on the structural, interior and electrical upgrades, I highly recommend that you look into buying sooner than later. Through the past 12 months, the base models have gone up 10-15% in price due to shortage in supplies, labor and the increase in demand brought forth by the pandemic. Next year, the market is predicted to rise 5-7% more. Real estate will continue to rise because, well, people are not building more land.

When Will and I first started dating, we were doing long distance. I was living in an apartment in LA and he was in Omaha, NE, finishing dental school. Then, I moved to NYC for a year and a half before joining him in Omaha for his last year. Will and I have both sacrificed so much to get to where we are today. We have always believed that we should operate on our timeline and make smart decisions that will bring more longterm gain.

This was, hands-down, one of the most difficult things we’ve ever done. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster the past few months. I laughed. I cried. And I’m about to tear up again now just thinking we own our special little piece of LA, the city that has launched both of our careers and made me who I am.



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