XiXi Yang is an award-winning
entertainment journalist, fashion
and lifestyle influencer.
Known for her knack for storytelling,
XiXi is one of the most
influential millennial voices
reaching over 98 million
households nationwide on-air
and 28 million views on YouTube.

Life With XiXi Yang

Welcome to Life With XiXi Yang

Ah, I finally did!

My brand new website is finally up and running! I’m so incredibly proud of myself for this journey because I basically re-did the entire website by myself. This was my passion project for the past 30 days in quarantine and let me just say one thing – anything worth having in life is not going to be easy. But I loved every single moment of the challenge!

Coding and blogging have been a hobby of mine since middle school. Remember the days where generation one of blogs on Xanga and AsianAvenue dominated the web? Yes, we’re talking way before MySpace! I learned HTML, Joomla, then eventually WordPress by trial-and-error. I taught myself Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and pretty much every single multi-media production software there is. I’ve always had a passion for learning, sharing, and discovering new things on the internet. And the truth is I really wouldn’t be anywhere I am in life and career without it.

When I first began pursuing my career as an entertainment journalist, I couldn’t get a job anywhere on-camera because I didn’t have the experience. What a catch-22, right?! After months of submitting my materials to every single major network just to be rejected, I decided that if it was meant to be, then it was up to me. If opportunity didn’t come knocking, I had to build the door first. I saved up $400 to buy my first handheld Sony recorder and a karaoke mic, went around town and interviewed everyone I could get my hands on! Living from paycheck to paycheck, balling on a dime, I certainly couldn’t afford to hire any professional video editors or web developers! So your girl did it the only way she knows – by herself through researching like crazy on the internet. Domain? Check! Hosting plan? Check! Template? Check, check, check! Next thing you know, I learned how to form an LLC and turned the youtube channel into a weekly local TV show. And that’s the birth of my first media company.

If the past 30 days have taught me anything it’s that we live in a world where we all crave meaningful content. Whether it’s quick, funny memes we share to help us get through the day, cool hacks that make life easier or thoughtful, inspirational stories, let’s never forget that we are all going through this thing called life together.

Welcome to Life With XiXi Yang, where we can grow up and glow up together. Cheers to all the highs, lows and WTF’s in between!

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