Get Schooled With Becky G!


Last week, I hosted the epic #Graduate4Mas event at Compton High School with the oh-so-adorable pop star Becky G! The charity was sponsored by the Taco Bell Foundation and Get Schooled, a national non-profit organization formed by Viacom and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to motivate and inspire students to graduate.

Compton High kids won a nation wide contest by increasing their attendance rate by 4% and the four-year college acceptance by 47%!

Check out all the fun behind the scenes moments we had below! Make sure you comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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  • Brijendra
    December 29, 2015

    Maybe it will get harder to tell the home soleohcd kids once they get to college. I know when I was in college they were easy to spot.Usually their parents were still bringing them to school.

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