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Life With XiXi Yang

Top 5 Work-From-Home Outfit Inspirations

I took a Zoom meeting with a brand and one of the executives popped up on video wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a tie! After few colleagues teased him with, “Of course he’d show up ready to close the deal,” I started wondering about style ideas that is perfect for work from home. How do we find the perfect balance between comfy-at-home yet still presentable-at-work?

Clearly, you look crazy sitting at your dining table with a pantsuit and 4-inch stilettos on. But I’ve got to make a confession. I’m not a good self-motivator. If I start my work day in my pajamas, I won’t crawl out of bed until 5pm, and that’s just not sustainable when safe-at-home has been our new normal. There just has to be more items in between.

We remember the days when we put a little more effort into our style, not too mention we tend to be more confident and productive! The proud feeling of putting ourselves together is sometimes all we need to get through a calendar full of zoom meetings, endless emails and calls!

To help all of us get through #WFH (working from home) for the near foreseeable future, I put together 5 outfit inspirations to make you feel effortlessly stylish and confident.

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