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popstop-tv-youtubeWorld… STOP! Before we go on, please take a second to subscribe to Youtube.com/PopStopTV. Like a video or two, share the links with your friends… OK, now carry on.

I’m so excited to share with you that there’s major construction work going on on PopStop TV’s Youtube channel, and we’re dropping tons more exciting pop culture shows this summer! Oh yes. The wheels have been in motion for the past few months, and we’ve got a few ideas so finger licking good, it’ll make you devour the whole bucket and ask for seconds.

As many of you many know, I started PopStop TV as a website in 2011 with my business partners, and it has always been my mission from day one to create a one-stop-shop for pop culture lovers all over the world, hence the name PopStop. I felt like the millennial generation was disengaged with traditional media outlets who were too busy over saturating the market with the same salacious gossip over, and over again. In addition to highlighting positive celebrity news, I wanted to focus on pop culture from a global perspective and talk about news beyond the 30-mile zone known as Hollywood.

Building a global audience is tough, but I’ve learned that the key to reaching a wide demo and fostering a large community of audience is to keep the content, and our key staffers, ethnically diverse. The news industry or just entertainment in general can be quite inclusive. Some of the larger corporations are rather divisive in their coverage while we cover everything. American Music Awards? Check! MTV VMAs? Check! BET Awards? Check, check! Asian American Heritage Month celebrations? Check, check check! If it’s poppin’, we’ll be there.

In 2012, we turned the website into a 30-minute television show on Channel 64 DirecTV/Dish/AT&T, Channel 20 Fios, and Channel 32 Time Warner. Two years later, we continued our relationship with Channel 64 and also expanded our coverage on Sino TV nationwide, reaching approximately 10.2 million homes.

Now, our goal is to really grow our Youtube channel by continuing to deliver the best, most authentic content we can. From daily #PopNews to shows that examine how all of today’s hottest pop culture topics redefine our society, PopStop TV is pop culture for the next generation.


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