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Life With XiXi Yang


It’s hard to pretend to be OK when every single aspect of your life has changed! Birthday parties, graduations, weddings, and most aspects of our life are all cancelled. Businesses shut down, workers laid off. Day turns to night, night turns to day. Many of us don’t even know where our next week’s meals are going to come from. Family, friends, those close to us test positive for COVID-19.

I can’t even tell you how many times I felt so hurt and helpless as I’m sitting at home, knowing the world I once knew is spiraling out of control and there’s absolutely nothing I can do. But perhaps now, more than ever, is the time we should do nothing. Chinese philosopher Laozi said it best – “When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.” Social distancing is that simple. If for once, we all choose inaction over action, we will save lives. This is not a moment but rather a movement. We can do this, people.

#IStayHomeFor my family, friends, loved ones, all our healthcare workers and first responders. I stay home for a better tomorrow.

#IStayHomeAnd watch #tigerkingnetflix #ozark and @loveisblindnetflix, cook yummy food, read books and play board games.

Who do you stay at home for?

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