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How We Knew We Found “The One”

“At an age when most of us are just trying to keep up with things, work, and stay focused, I was no different. To say I was surprised when XiXi agreed to meet up with me would be the understatement of the century.” –  Will

Ever since Will and I got engaged last October, so many of you have been asking us about how we knew we found “the one”. Sometimes, it seems like when you reach a certain age, our society is so fixated on us finding “the one”. From our own families to reality TV shows to dating apps, the marriage time bomb is ticking and we’re all so hopeful about finding that person.

Will and I first met when we were both 19, freshmen in college… and I was definitely not looking for the one back then! I was attending New York University in the City and he went to St. Joe’s in Philadelphia. His roommate happened to be a guy from my high school that I connected my NYU roommate to! Because my roommate wanted to go see her boo for the weekend, I decided to be a good sport and go with her on the trip. We booked two $15 Chinatown bus tickets from NYC to Philly! Yes, we were balling on a budget even back then!

When my roommate and I arrived at the bus station, we heard a car honking at us. A head pops out from the shotgun seat – “Hop in!” It was my high school friend. “I got Will to pick you ladies up! He’s my roommate!” Will stepped out and opened the doors for my roommate and I couldn’t help but to notice how attentive this handsome guy is. He not only helped put our luggage in the trunk but he closed our doors as well! To say I was smitten was an understatement. There was just something so familiar about him that instantly put me to ease, almost like we have known each other for so much longer.

I remember having a 4-hour long conversation with him on the rooftop of his dorm and what a breath of fresh air that night was. You see, I was definitely an awkwardly ambitious kid back then! While all of my friends went out and partied, I wanted to stay in my dorm and write interview requests for submission! All I ever talked about was wanting to transfer from NYU to UCLA and starting my entertainment journalism career. For some odd reason, I felt like Will understood me. He didn’t think my dreams of making it big in media was a pipe dream at all! He told he was facing similar challenges of being some-what of a trailblazer for being the first in his family to pursue dentistry. Our sparkling conversation flowed continually, and without effort. For almost 9 years later, I would often think back to that night and wonder “what would’ve happened” if we ended up together. What if.

Eight years later, I was in NYC covering the premiere of “Suicide Squad”. It was unusual for me to ever travel by myself without a friend, an assistant or someone, but for some reason, I felt like I wanted some alone time in the City on that trip. I put up a Facebook status, asking any of my friends in the City wanted to hang out. Will messaged me and asked about my plans for tonight… the rest is history.

“I had seen that XiXi was in the city for only one more day and I was eager to see how much the woman I met over 8 years earlier had changed, or not. She hadn’t changed, I mean not in the ways you think. She had grown up, we weren’t the little freshmen in college like back when we first met and were talking about the lives we wanted and the goals we would be setting for ourselves. It was thrilling, she still had those bright eyes, bright dreams, and amazing aura that caught my attention but now we weren’t talking about what we wanted but rather what we already achieved and were working towards. That growth, that change, that sameness, they were all parts of us that happened as the years went by. Whether they needed to happen or were always destined to happen, they did and our growth brought us back. I knew she was the one when I realized that even though there was sparks between us before, the connection we were growing now was undeniable. We were ready for each other in a way, like we had set in motion a great journey all those years before but the first portion we needed to do ourselves. We needed to grow in our own way in order to grow together. Only then could we rejoin and continue the journey together. From that day forward I knew that XiXi and I were going to be together, and that I couldn’t imagine our life without each other. Without our companion for the journey.” – Will

They say timing is everything in finding “the one”, but they don’t tell you that “the one” you’re destined to find all along is yourself. If Will and I first started dating when we first met, neither one of us would’ve been ready for anything real. We both had to work on all aspects of ourselves for over 8 years – our character, career, insecurities and all before we could give and receive the type of love we deserve.

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