Summer Inspo: Salty Air, Sun kissed Hair


IMG_4296Summer is my FAVORITE time of the year! There’s just something so magical in the air during those precious 3 months! Our hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get wilder. Life gets better!


Fun Fact: When I was young, I begged my parents to send me off to some sort of a summer camp just so I can experience nature! I jam-packed my summer with all kinds of outdoor activities like rollerblading, biking, camping, fishing, etc. Summer gave me LIFE and I was so addicted to soaking up the sun! I went out every single time. By the time Fall came around, I refused to wear long pants… Super weird, I know, but somehow, continuing to rock shorts during the middle of Winter gave me comfort, as if I was desperately trying to hold on to an endless summer. Oh, did I mention I was living in the East Coast at the time and the weather was dropping down to single digits?


This summer, I urge you to do something you’ve always thought about doing! Fall in love. Fall out of love. Travel. Explore. Stay out a little too late… Don’t worry about the future. Don’t dwell in the past. The only time we have is NOW and I want you to live in the present!

Create memories that will last you for a lifetime!

In this series of Summer inspired photos, I’m rocking a strapless red bikini top and light denim high-waisted shorts, both from Forever 21!



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