Choker Necklaces Are Back In Style: Bring Out Your Inner 90s Kid!


IMG_6269Hold up and stop whatever you’re doing! Walk to your accessories drawer NOW and pull out that dusty choker necklace you’ve been hiding since you retired your heavy eyeliner and bid your gothic days goodbye after the Y2K.

Got rid of it at a yard sale a decade ago? No problem. Drive to your nearest Forever 21 and pick up a new one. It’s just like the 90s all over again… except instead of $2, those stretchy elastic bands are now around $20.

I’ve seen so many young Hollywood celebs rock the choker that I decided to pay homage to the 90s most iconic piece in my outfit today! I kept my look simple with a lose, beige dress.


Here’s a close up! Yes, I went even shorter with my hair thanks to my friends at Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills. Ramsay McClean is my hair colorist, and Mika Fowler is my stylist. I’m absolutely loving the “lob” for the summer!



Don’t be afraid to give your choker necklace a try! Send me pics at @XiXiYang on Instagram/Twitter and I’ll give you a special shoutout! Until next time… Ciao!




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