Bebe Chronicles: White, Black & Pleather


Happy New Year, loves!

Today is January 2nd and before we all go back to work next week, let’s take a little time this weekend to clean out our closet. During the first two weeks of January, you’ll find me buried in my closet, segregating all the clothes into 2 bins: toss or keep.

This year, I’ve added 3 signature pieces from Bebe to my collection spice up my look for the new year!

The first one is a Bebe Bead & Sequin Crepe Dress that I wore to cover the “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” premiere for the Associated Press.



The piece is so Balmain x H&M – inspired but guess what?! The price is so much more affordable! Forget going through e-Bay to dig up a pre-owned Balmain x H&M for $549. At, you can get it for only $299.


I got so many compliments for the piece while chatting with stars like Lupita N’yongo, Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, and so many more.

The second piece is a gorgeous white textured midi dress with embellishments. I wore it to cover the Miss Universe pageant when all the madness went down with Steve Harvey, and it was a stunner!


The third piece is an custom Bebe pleather dress straight from their showroom. Although you won’t find this exclusive piece anywhere on their site or in stores, I found a good substitute – a black faux leather surplice dress.











Shot by Chris Carlo

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  • Leroy Lunday
    March 1, 2016

    Your beauty is absolutely breathtaking.

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