5 Beauty Tips For Staying Fresh On-Camera!



Ok, so, disclaimer: I’m not a professional makeup artist… at all! Don’t let all my fancy Instagram photos fool you. I was not one of those super talented DIY gals growing up, and I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to makeup. However, due to my career as a television host and my non-stop, jam-packed schedule of appearing on-air for various shoots, I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with some of the best makeup artists in the game who taught me a few essential tricks on-the-go.

And guess what? Now I’m sharing them with you!

Learning how to apply your best on-camera makeup is very important. It’s not about super heavy coverage or wearing bright eye shadows, often times, it’s more about understanding your proper tone, accentuating your best features, and letting your personality shine!

Whether you’re searching for some guidance on how to look camera-ready or if you’re in dire need of some new beauty tricks, I’ve got my top 5 beauty tips for staying fresh on-camera below.

1) Apply your eye makeup first before you use foundation.

It’s so important to finish your eye makeup first before you apply your foundation! This includes eye shadow, eyeliner, and lashes. Doing your makeup first allows your skin to look its freshest, since the foundation will wipe away all the residue collected from your eye makeup. If you use foundation first, you’re going to have to use more of it to cover up the streaks of eye shadow or mascara running down your face.

2) Forget the hype. Do your research and test to see which foundation works for your skin tone!

I ain’t got no type! For years, I used to listen to word of mouth from my friends on which brand of foundation to buy. After months of buying different brands and various shades, I finally gave up. Nothing looked quite right for me on camera, and I was convinced I must have been that 0.001% of the population who just probably shouldn’t wear foundation. One day, a good friend of mine told me about Sephora’s “Color IQ” test for the skin and urged me to try it. I walked in and a kind saleswoman named Shannon scanned my face with a device. She then brought me all kinds of foundations within that shade – from Bobbi Brown to Makeup Forever HD to NARS. She tested little streaks of each on my face and we were able to see which ones I liked best. For my medium, slightly dry, olive complexion, Smashbox Liquid Halo looks the best. It gives me a slight dewy look without making my skin look too shiny on-camera. If you’re looking for the type of foundation that works best for your skin tone, hit pause on all your favorite Youtube tutorials, head to your nearest Sephora, and ask for the free “Color IQ”. What works best for XiXi may not work best for you. Instead of buying off of brands, do the test first and learn more about your skin.

3) Make beauty blenders your new best friend.

When you’re on broadcast HD camera, the high definition quality of video can pick up every little flaw. The biggest mistake I’ve seen people do (and, of course, I’m guilty of occasionally) is that they rush blending the foundation so you see uneven streaks throughout their forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. In order to prevent a terrible “paint job,” I highly recommend using a beauty blender instead of a brush. The sponge texture of the beauty blender helps you get around all the spots and places you might have missed with a brush. It also leaves your face with a nice airbrushed look.

4) Keep blotting paper ready for when you step in front of the camera!

I’ve learned early on that the most important factor to not looking like a grease ball is to keep blotting papers in your bag at all time. When you’re blotting, be careful not to smudge your makeup by simply dapping the paper on key areas of your face that may get very oily and shiny, like your forehead, nose, cheeks, and your philtrum. Any drug store brands will do.

5) Stay moisturized and hydrated.

Sorry ladies, there are just some things make-up can’t fix, like healthy looking skin. Drink a lot of water to make sure you’re hydrated at all times and your skin will have a natural glow that even the finest highlight powder can’t duplicate. Every day, I carry bottles of water with me no matter where I am to make sure I’m staying hydrated. Before I head out the door, I use Clinique moisturizer to protect my skin.

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  • Marcos
    December 29, 2015

    if it’s redness you have, neoutrgena has really good products that reduce it like acne stress control cleansers which also comes with a toner that balances the skin out. or you could use a tinted moisturizer, which is much more light than a foundation but will still even out your skin!

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