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Grammys 2016 Diary!


The Grammy Awards is hands down, my favorite red carpet to cover all year! It's the only time of the year where some of the biggest legends in music - all the eccentric pop stars, rock stars, and fashionistas - fly in from all over the world to celebrate different genres of music! This year, I had the ...

Bebe Chronicles: White, Black & Pleather


Happy New Year, loves! Today is January 2nd and before we all go back to work next week, let’s take a little time this weekend to clean out our closet. During the first two weeks of January, you’ll find me buried in my closet, segregating all the clothes into 2 bins: toss or keep. This year, I’ve ...

Teen Choice Awards 2015 Recap!


There are only a few things on this planet hotter than the dry summer heat in L.A. One is this pre-historic, over-heating laptop I’m typing on right now that’s about to explode (long story), and another is the 2015 Teen Choice Awards… See what I did there? Ha! This year, I had an incredible time covering ...