My Top 12 Moments of 2012!

2012 has been an incredible year in pop culture. While we seem to have moved passed the Mayan apocalypse and even introduced a new species that goes by the name of Honey Boo Boo, we still managed to pay homage to some good ol’ American traditions…  A-hem! *cues Fred and Nick getting busted at a certain-Hollywood-theater-that-shall-not-be-named*

Needless to say, 2012 was a transitional year for many of us. The past 12 months has been extremely prosperous and successful for me in my career. I discovered my true passion for public speaking and empowering entrepreneurs (beyond the confined walls of Hollywood entertainment), and I led our PopStop TV News team to produce our very first live television show.

Here is a countdown of my 12 most poppin’ moments of 2012!

12) Launching Our 1st PopStop TV television show


Earlier this Summer, we made a bold move to take our broadcast-syndicated video content to the next level. We teamed up with FilmOn Inc. to produce “PopStop TV News Live”, the very first live interactive entertainment show. Unlike traditional entertainment shows, our magazine-format talk show focused on pop culture news around the globe and connected celebrities to fans by interacting with live audience feed via twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Skype! We were treated to live performances by “X Factor” finalist Chris Rene, Andy Grammer, and we even skyped with the Ying Yang Twins! (Check out for all our upcoming ventures. We’re launching 2 more TV shows in 2013)

11) Traveling to Utah to Cover Sundance


Sundance Film Festival is something you must see to believe. We drove – yes, drove – all the way to Utah and back! Oh, how I missed seeing snow during the winter. During Sundance season, Park City, UT, transformed to an industry-popping town where run into familiar faces and fellow press friends!


10) Giving a Speech at Yale


I was given the incredible honor of speaking to Yale University’s CASA organization  at Master’s Tea. When I received the invitation in March, I knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime. I met so many wonderfully talented “Yalies” and talked about Asian American identities in entertainment and entrepreneurship. Big shout-out to Mendy for taking me around the breath-taking campus!

9) Hosting 2012 Verizon Visionaries Conference


I flew to NYC this Spring to host the 2012 Verizon Visionaries Conference. The annual event brought together 500+ Asian Americans in Webster Hall and invited the following guest speakers: “Hangover 2” actress Jamie Chung, creative director of Elle magazine Joe Zee, and MMA Fighter Mark Munoz. We had such an unbelievable time sharing stories from our past! Thanks again to everyone at Plan C for the incredible experience! Check out the video:

8) Talking Biz & Fabulosity With Kimora Lee Simmons


Anyone who knows me knows that I have a major girl crush on Kimora Lee Simmons! I’ve watched every single episode of “Life on the Fab Lane”, read “Fabulosity” cover to back, and truly look up to her as an inspiration. I had the opportunity of conducting a one-on-one interview with her when she was receiving the Visionary Award at the East West Players 46th Anniversary Visionary Awards:

 7) Talking Boy Band Comebacks With Backstreet Boys


Backstreet’s back, alright! My inner 13-year-old self totally wet her pants when I interviewed BSB at Perez Hilton’s birthday party! It’s such a rare moment to catch the four guys together on the red carpet and we talked about everything from their highly-anticipated reunion to BSB teaming up with One Direction or The Wanted.

6) Getting Political With Jamie Foxx


“Django Unchained” actor Jamie Foxx is known for taking on challenging movie roles and winning Grammys, but not a lot of fans know that he’s extremely active in politics. Here’s my exclusive interview with Jamie Foxx where the actor urged young voters to let President Obama finish the job he already started. Just a few minutes after we broke the story, our interview was featured in local and national news stations:

5) Tom Hanks Telling Me How He Took His Emmys Trophy For a Joy Ride


Tom Hanks is one of the most-beloved actors in showbiz. Just ask anyone he’s worked with in the past, and they’ll have a huge smile on their face and say, “Isn’t Tom just the greatest?” Watch our interview below where Tom tells me about how he took his trophy for a joy ride!

4) Getting My Ears Pulled By The Wanted


It’s no secret that I’m freaked out when folks tug on my ears, and that’s exactly what Max George from The Wanted decided to do when I interviewed them! If pictures are worth thousands of words, just imagine the interview.

3) Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Wants to Launch a Fashion Line


How talented can a man be? Not only is Ryan Lochte a super good swimmer, he’s planning to cement his “most eligible bachelor in Hollywood” satus by launching a clothing line for men. GQ + IQ = GOLD.

2) Getting to Know Rita Ora


Discovering hot new stars of tomorrow and introducing the talents to our audience is truly one of the greatest perks of being an interviewer. While many fans may know Rita Ora as Rihanna 2.0, the British star has been garnering massive press in the U.S. for being Jay-Z’s newest protégé and dating Rob Kardashian. I interviewed Rita Ora when she stopped by L.A. for her very first MTV VMAs!

1) Gangnam Stylin’ Everywhere


Need I say more? I think I did Gangnam style at just about everywhere.

I wish you nothing but the best in 2013! I couldn’t have done it without you, loyal readers, so I dedicate every bit of joy and success to you. Hit the comments below and let me know what some of YOUR top moments were!


XiXi Yang

XiXi Yang is an entertainment TV personality, executive producer, and social media butterfly. Mostly known for creating - a new media network that generates over 6 million unique visitors a month and celebrates pop culture for the web 2.0 generation - and “Tweet Talk” web show, she is an fresh face entrepreneur who utilizes the power of internet as well as television and radio to connect with youths culture and bring witty, tongue-in-cheek sound bites to a global audience.

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