Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards 2011 – Honoring Iman & Missoni Fashion Dynasty!

Huge congratulations to supermodel Iman and the legendary Italian Fashion house Missoni for receiving the prestigious Walk of Style plaque at this year’s Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards!

The night started out with so many familiar Hollywood faces gracing the carpet, like Sofia Vergara, Alexis Bledel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rachel Zoe, Kevin McKidd, and Gabrielle Union, who came arm-in-arm with her arm candy – Duane Wade! If you know how much I’m in love with Missoni’s collection for Target (which sold out in a day, by the way), you’ll know how EXCITED I was to interview them!

Missoni is one of the most unique fashion brands in the world that not only resonates with the mass market but also with Hollywood A-listers. The success of the Italian fashion house is no mystery. Consumers love the bright colors, funky zig-zags, and of course, the story of a powerful family who remains prominent year after year.

This is the first time three generations of the legendary Missoni family graced the carpet and they flew in straight from Italy for the fab event! “We’re extremely proud,” Margharita told me. “I think the concept of family is as important as the concept of zig-zags and colors to our brand. I think they recognize this here in L.A. so they’re giving us an award to the Missoni family, not only to the Missoni brand, and that’s relevant to us.”

Iman, who was just as proud to be honored, told me that the night meant everything to her. “You’re getting a plaque on Rodeo Drive, one of the most incredible addresses there are,” Iman humbly told me, “and then you hear that Grace Kelly and Manolo Blahnik received it so you think, ‘Wow, do I deserve it?’ And then you think, ‘Well, maybe I do.'”

The former supermodel, who’s got a multi-million cosmetics line, is also working on a top secret fragrance project!

Watch my exclusive interviews on’s WkEnd 13 Nov Showbiz USA show!

Special thanks to publicist extraordinaire Amy and my amazing family for letting me cover the event!

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