Here’s How You Can Win an HTC One X+!

Hey friends! If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you know I’ve been teasing y’all with my new HTC One X+ phone for the past few weeks. As someone who switches phones more often than outfits, I was a little skeptical in the beginning. After all, I’ve switched from a blackberry to an iphone, then a Galaxy Note 2 all within a year.

It took about half an hour for the new HTC One X+ phone to sell me. Not only does it operate at a faster speed than my Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5 with a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, it’s got 64 GB internal storage and long-lasting BATTERY life. (The HTC One X+ almost lasted as long as two working days when I forgot to charge it over night, a complete 180 change from iphone’s short battery life span.)

I’m what you would call “power-user” when it comes to smart phones. If I’m not making phone calls to publicists, I’m surfing for the latest news online, taking photos, and making videos. The HTC One X+ has an amazing camera, just check out the snap shots of me in actin on the red carpet, interviewing celebs:















For good time’s sake, here’s a vlog I made of my NYE in Vegas, chatting with J. Cole and Brandy!

Ok, ok, I know… I’m done teasing! Here’s how you can win your new HTC One X Plus phone:

1) Follow me on Twitter @XiXiYang
2) Follow HTC on Twitter @HTC
3) LIKE my Facebook fan page:
4) Tweet me and comment on my Facebook page WHY you want your new HTC One X Plus phone! Make sure to include #HTCOne
5) Whoever interacts with me the most on Facebook / Twitter will get their new phone mailed to them!

Good luck and be creative!!!

XiXi Yang

XiXi Yang is an entertainment TV personality, executive producer, and social media butterfly. Mostly known for creating - a new media network that generates over 6 million unique visitors a month and celebrates pop culture for the web 2.0 generation - and “Tweet Talk” web show, she is an fresh face entrepreneur who utilizes the power of internet as well as television and radio to connect with youths culture and bring witty, tongue-in-cheek sound bites to a global audience.

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