Green Asos Dress & Pretty Rock Girl Collection!

I’m usually very cautious when it comes to ordering clothes online but when I saw this green Asos dress, I KNEW I had to have it!

Geometric patterns are very in this season and you can’t go wrong with black triangles on the sides! The dark patches really accentuate my shape by making my waist appear more defined. I matched the green dress with my red Aldos pumps (red and green are never out of season ;).

The REAL icing on the cake is the glam rock necklace made especially for me by my super talented jewelry designer friend Zong! Her Pretty Rock Girl Collection is totally glam and rocker chic!! Just look at the intricate details of the jewelry! From the metal studs to the petals… Zong is absolutely one of the hottest up-and-coming designers I know of!

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XiXi Yang

XiXi Yang is an entertainment TV personality, executive producer, and social media butterfly. Mostly known for creating - a new media network that generates over 6 million unique visitors a month and celebrates pop culture for the web 2.0 generation - and “Tweet Talk” web show, she is an fresh face entrepreneur who utilizes the power of internet as well as television and radio to connect with youths culture and bring witty, tongue-in-cheek sound bites to a global audience.

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