XiXi Yang on Virgin Radio Dubai “Workforce Requests with Simone Heng”

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My sis Simone is one of the top TV/radio personalities in Dubai! When she’s not busy taking calls and hosting her travel show for Dubai One, she’s an avid foodie, book warm, and, according to her website, she can knit with her toes!

XiXi Yang on Virgin Radio Dubai “Workforce Requests with Simone Heng”

Simone Heng is pure awesome and I’m super excited about bringing all of the latest young Hollywood news and celebrity gossip to the #1 radio station in the Middle East and Asia! Oh, did I mention Virgin Radio Dubai is also the Middle Eastern home of my hero Ryan Seacrest?

Tune in to 104.4 on weekdays from 10am – 1pm to hear my PopStop TV segment! Check me out on Virgin Radio’s page.

Listen to the snippet above!

XiXi Yang is an entertainment TV personality, executive producer, and social media butterfly. Mostly known for creating PopStopTV.com - a new media network that generates over 6 million unique visitors a month and celebrates pop culture for the web 2.0 generation - and “Tweet Talk” web show, she is an fresh face entrepreneur who utilizes the power of internet as well as television and radio to connect with youths culture and bring witty, tongue-in-cheek sound bites to a global audience.