XiXi Yang’s Story

XiXi Yangs Story


XiXi Yang (pronounced “she-she”) is an entertainment TV personality, executive producer, self-proclaimed social media maven and an avid traveler. Wearing heels as high as her hopes – while always keeping a pair of flats in her bag, of course – XiXi is a the creator and TV host of PopStop TV Network: a multi-media publishing company that generates over 6 million views a month and celebrates pop culture for the web 2.0 generation!

Who’s that chubby Asian kid sitting in the corner, popping bands? (Braces elastics, people)

XiXi’s deeply rooted passion for the internet came at the awkward age of 13. Growing up in a conservative Chinese household wasn’t always as fun as Amy Tan painted in the “Joy Luck Club”, and having braces for 6 years didn’t exactly fill up her social calendar. XiXi discovered a whole new world online and began teaching herself HTML codes on Expage, Xanga, and Geocities! Forget about all the hipsters on Tumblr – XiXi was rocking Expage before it was cool!

Humble Beginnings:

While studying Mass Media Communications and International Business at New York University, XiXi quickly discovered that getting bob hair cut, talking like an Asian-bot and chasing tornados just weren’t up her alley. She fueled her fiery passion for cultural diversity, celebrity gossip, and current affairs by hosting for mtvU’s “College Dean’s Countdown”, DMTV (Channel 18 NY/NJ), and Blender Mag!

After college, just like every other doe-eyed-entertainment-reporter-in-training, XiXi made the big move to Los Angeles. She started covering red carpet events for All Entertainment TV, MSN, and even became the Sunday host for Facebook News Television – dishing on all the latest viral trends and buzzworthy moments online. Although freelance hosting gigs paid bills, it was XiXi’s drive for breaking major headlines all over the world and sharing them with viewers that let her to create PopStop TV Network.

XiXi Yangs StoryInception of PopStop TV Network:

When XiXi was 20 years old, she made the smartest decision of her life – spending her 6-month-savings not on a pair of Loubs, but a hand-held digital camera! She ran around Los Angeles – from Venice Beach to Beverly Hills – and begged her friends to film her quickly before the security guards chased them for permits.

XiXi lead a team of next generation pop culture fanatics and they began climbing the ranks of Hollywood. During XiXi’s two-year-venture, she produced segments, directed shoots, edited, and interviewed many of Showbiz’ biggest stars like Natalie Portman, Gerard Butler, Ne-Yo, Backstreet Boys, Morgan Freeman, Amanda Seyfried, and more. She credits her success to her over-the-top personality, fresh perspective on entertainment news, and inside connections to all the rising stars in young Hollywood.

PopStop TV Network is recognized in mainstream media as one of the fastest-growing media companies for the 15-35 demo and XiXi’s interviews have been featured on news outlets like MTV, VH1, BET, Complex, Entertainmentwise, Vibe, and more.

As Seen On TV

In 2012, XiXi served as the executive producer and TV host of the network’s first TV show – PopStop TV News Live.  PopStop TV News Live is the first generation interactive multimedia entertainment show airing on Channel 64 Direct TV/Dish/AT&T, Channel 20 Fios, and Channel 32 Time Warner.

XiXi Yangs Story

Incomparable to other traditional talk shows, PopStop TV News Live delivers breaking pop culture news with flare style. The magazine-format show provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at whats hot in young Hollywood and connects celebrities to their fans by interacting with LIVE audience feed via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and more!

Global Domination:

XiXi has her finger on the pulse of next generation, knowing exactly what’s hot on the market… and the next big thing in Hollywood may take her back to where her journey started.

Studio executives have been eyeing China as the next big market, and XiXi knew her friends in China are hungry for original entertainment content straight from Hollywood. In January 2013, PopStop TV Network established partnership up with Multi-Cultural Radio Broadcasting, Inc., to producer an exciting entertainment news show that brings exclusive American content to China.

XiXi Yangs Story

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